Summer is over and the new school year has begun. It has been great getting out in the community, delivering, and sharing all these great books. It is exciting to see the kids each month, get on the little book bus, and look for that special book. The kids get so excited when they see all the amazing books they can choose from. The little book bus continues to receive a plethora of wonderful book donations. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, this couldn't be possible without your support. One of the first steps in loving to read is to make reading fun. I can see from the smiles, conversations, and the excitement from the children that the little book bus is definitely a fun experience. It is great to see the kids after they have picked their book go find a spot and begin to read. That is when you know they found a good book. 

                                Finding that special book 


It has been a great summer so far getting out there and sharing all these wonderful books with the children. Since it is summer vacation there has been more kids to share books with at each of the stops, which is always a good thing. The children are coming on the the little book bus and telling me about the wonderful books they received last time. It is awesome listening to them share with me about the amazing adventures they are having with their books. 

                                                                                        LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! 


Wonderful news, the Krewe of St. Brigit has made a gracious donation to the little book bus. It is awesome to receive their support. This has been an amazing first year and I am so excited with all the wonderful things that have happened so far. Now it is time to get out in the community and begin to raise more funds to help keep the little book bus out there. The kids are loving the little book bus and all the wonderful books. It has been fantastic to see them get so excited about picking a book. With all the fabulous book donations we receive the kids often have a hard time choosing which book to pick. One of the first steps to getting children to love reading is to get them excited about books. By building a love for reading, children will want to read more. As Dr. Seuss said "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." I could't agree more. Thank you again to the Krewe of Brigit for the donation, which will help keep the little book bus out in the community spreading the love of books. 



Can't believe it's already been one year.  A year ago I used my savings and purchased a retired school bus to start a nonprofit known as the little book bus.  It has been an incredible year and I can't wait to see what is to come. The little book bus goes out into the community a couple times a week to share the wonderful books that are collected. It has been marvelous getting out there and being with the children and sharing these great books. I have a schedule where I come back once a month to the same locations. It is always on the same day so kids know when the little book bus will be back. It has been awesome helping these children expand their home libraries. With each visit the children have one more book to add to their library. The beautiful smiles and excitement the children have is amazing. It is a wonderful thing to share the love of books and to help children improve their literacy skills in such a fun way. 




It has been incredible all the wonderful books that have been donated to the little book bus. As I sit down and clean, organize, and sort the books I love seeing all the amazing titles. It is exciting to see all the wonderful books I know the children will love. Make sure to save all your gently used children books so that you can contact us and we can arrange for a pick up.

Children's books are always welcomed!


Summer is here and the kids are out of school. This is an important time to get out in the community and get books in children's hands to help prevent the summer slide. The summer slide is when skills students learned during the school year are lost or forgotten over the summer.  When kids don’t practice their reading skills during the summer months, they can fall behind by the time school starts again. This makes it an especially important for the little book bus to get out there and share all these wonderful books.
It has been awesome sharing all these wonderful books and hearing, seeing, and experiencing all the excitement and joy kids are having with the books. The other day I heard some girls talking as they were waiting to get on the little book bus. One of the girls said "I am so excited to get on the bus and pick a book" as she jumped up and down. Then she stopped and laughed as she said "I can't believe I am this excited about getting a book." I pointed out that books are an awesome thing to get excited about as there are so many fantastic ones out there.



Today was a great day for the little book bus. Melinda, a local teen in the community reached out to us about supporting the little book bus's mission. Melinda is an avid reader and wanted to help share her love of books with other children in the community. She had an AMAZING book drive as part of her Birthday and Bat Mitzvah. A week before her birthday Melinda reached out to friends and family and asked them to donate books. It was a fun process as she received a lot of books. As the week went on the books kept coming. By the time her birthday party arrived she had collected 1,800+ books. Wow, what a fantastic job. For her party Mel and her friends helped sort, clean, and organize the books that were collected. Amazing job, the kids are going to love them.

                                             Thank You!



Today was another great day sharing books with the kids in the community. It has been awesome taking the bus out and sharing all these wonderful books. It is inspiring to see the children board the little book bus with such excitement. They enjoy searching through the books to find the book that sparks their interest. Many of them know the book right away when they find it. It is a great thing to find a book that you like and to be able to take it home. I am very thankful that I am able to get out there and share all these great books with the children. Books are such a splendid thing and I am excited that I get to share them with others. 

                                                                           For the love of books!


Brittany Elise, an amazing Tampa portrait photographer specializing in maternity and infant photography had an awesome Grand Opening event. A lot of people came out to see her wonderful studio and check out the little book bus. For every book that was donated there was a chance to win a family portrait session. It was a great day and as you can see many great books were collected. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and brought a book. The children will love them!! Check out Brittany Elise's breathtaking work at her website at


There is nothing like finding a good book and diving right in.