Getting out in the community and sharing all these wonderful books has been awesome. The children get very excited when they get on the little book bus and see all the wonderful book choices. The calendar is now setup and I have begun to return to the same locations. As the little book bus pulls up to the recreation centers, you can hear the children scream out with joy "the little book bus is here, yay!" And they begin to line up. As the children enter the bus I often receive many hugs and the children share stories with me about the books they received last time. I love hearing the stories and seeing the excitement on their faces as they talk about their books. Books are AWESOME and it is a wonderful thing to be able to share them with others. 


The other day I stopped by to pick up books from the Riverview High School Key Club. They had a school book drive and wanted to donate the collected books to the little book bus. Unsure how many books they had, I decided to borrow my friends Suburban. That turned out to be a good idea, as I filled it up. The students did an amazing job and I picked up 26 boxes filled with over 1,200 children's books. Amazing!! There are so many wonderful books in these boxes, the children are going to love them. Thank you!




It has been great getting out into the community and sharing all these wonderful books with the children. When the bus pulls up there is always a lot of intrigue as to what is the little book bus. I explain to the children that the little book bus is filled with books that have been donated by other children who have outgrown them and who want to share with others. I let them know that they will get an opportunity to come on the bus and pick a book to keep. That is when the kids get really excited. I go over a few simple rules and then the fun begins. The kids love getting on the bus and seeing all the books to choose from. They begin flipping through the books to find that special one. For some this decision is easy to make and for others it really can be a struggle deciding which one. I remind the children that the little book bus will be back and they will get to pick another book next time. Most of the stops have been at Tampa Recreation Centers where I have coordinated with the centers to come back each month. This allows children the opportunity to build their home libraries. Once everyone has picked a book, it is awesome when I step off the bus to see the kids sitting around reading their book.
                                                   That's when you know they have found a good book. 


I recently had the honor of meeting David Dibbs and share the little book bus with him. Mr. Dibbs is an extraordinary individual who spends many of his days volunteering and helping others. Yesterday, I was overjoyed when I received an email stating that the little book bus is to receive a generous grant from the Dibbs Memorial Funds through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. This was made possible by Mr. Dibbs. I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR. DIBBS for taking the time to learn more about the little book bus and for your support. It is greatly appreciated! Together as a community we can help make the world a better place one book at a time.


I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who has donated books. It is amazing all the great books that have been pouring in. I receive many calls/emails from friends and others to arrange for book pick ups for donation. THANK YOU! Remember to save gently used and new children's book for the little book bus. Through community support, the little book bus will be able to continue delivering books to children throughout Tampa who might not otherwise have a book to call their own. 

Keep them coming!



The little book bus made it's first stop and delivered some of these awesome books. The children had a fun day coming on the bus and picking out a book to keep. Their eyes lit up once they stepped on the bus and spotted all the amazing books to choose from. All the choices! It was tricky for some of the children to decide which book to pick. For others they knew right away when they found the one. Luckily everyone was able to find a book to enjoy. It was fantastic to be around all the excitement
and see all the children's beautiful smiles.  It was a wonderful afternoon and I can't wait to share more books with children in the community. 

Books are AWESOME!


My son  was finally able to finish building the crates for the little book bus. Even though today was a chilly day, I was able to get out there and get them stained. Yay! Once dry I'll put padding on the bottoms so they won't scratch up the new hardwood floors. Then we will be able to fill them with books, get them on the bus, and put them under the book bins. Yipee!

More books on the bus!


Organizing and getting a few more of these AWESOME books onto the little book bus. 
Make sure to save all your gently used and new books to donate at the Hyde Park and Seminole Heights Sunday Markets.


Donations always welcomed.


Here is the little book bus. There are a few more things to finish up, but it's pretty much completed. Unfortunately, the other night when I brought the little book bus home I discovered there was a radiator leak. So before we get out there delivering books I will have to get that fixed. Hopefully I can get that done quickly. I think I found one online and will get that sent and then put it in. It shouldn't be too hard.  

Almost there!


A good friend hosted a wonderful New Years Eve party in honor of the little book bus. It was great to bring the little book bus and share it with family and friends. They were able to check it out and see all the wonderful books that have been donated. We were able to raise some money to help pay for insurance and also received more great books for the children. It was a fun night celebrating the New Year and  the little book bus too. I can't wait to share the bus with the children and start delivering these awesome books.  

                              Happy New Year 2017!!