IMG_0323Things are coming along around here. My son started the removal of the old flooring, but had to stop and head to work. The next day Koko and her family stopped by to check out the little book bus and help oIMG_0336ut. They did a great job of ripping out the rest of the flooring. Awesome job guys. Thanks for the support. The flooring is out!!! Now I need to finish scrapping the floor and get it prepped for the new one.
This weekend LUMBER SPECIALTIES  stopped by and delivered all the wood for our bus renovation. A big shout out to them for their gracious donation!! Can't wait to finish up the floor prep and begin installing the new hardwood flooring.



We borrowed an angle grinder090 from a friend and removed the 011last few seats.
Yippee, the seats are out. Next we will remove the flooring.

Our friend stopped by today and hauled away the seats to recycle the metal. So happy that these will not be heading to the landfill. 

No more seats!



Today I stopped at a local thrift store, which is another wonderful nonprofit in Tampa (they asked not to be named). I was donating the car seats that came with the bus there. x 013While there I talked with the staff & manger about my nonprofit and what I will be doing and asked if they had any children’s books they could donate. They said they had just received a couple boxes of books and they donated them to the little book bus. HOORAY!! They said they have too many books and would pass the children’s books along to us. We are now 300+ books ahead of where we were yesterday. I can’t wait to get the book cases in and the bus ready to go so we can get these books into children’s hands. Every day we are one step closer to getting there.


All of the stickers have been removed. Yay, first thing I can check off the list. Luckily there were not too many. Just the name of the last owners, the dot number, and some emergency exit ones, so not to bad.

We have begun removing the seseatats. We have learned this is a very slow process. Each seat has 15 bolts and there are 14 seats, hmm only 210 bolts to be removed.

We have spent a few hours a day at this, as it is so hot right now here in Tampa, that is about all we have in us. It requires two people to take out a seat as one of us has to go under the bus and hold the nut and the seat 2other one of us uses the wrench to remove the bolt. It is a sloooow process as the bolts are long, so each bolt takes forever.

 We discovered that there are a few seats that we don't have access to the nuts underneath and when we try to remove the bolts they just spin. UGH!! After researching this dilemma I learned that we will need to purchase an angle grinder to get those bolts out. The remaining 4 seats will need the grinder. Tomorrow we will head to the store to pick one up. We will see how that goes. Then all the seats will be out!!


Yay!! I did it, I purchased theb2 little book bus!

After a lot of searching I found the perfect one. It is a 1997 Chevy bus with only 75,000 miles. Luckily it was nearby so I didn't have to drive too far, as some of the buses we were considering were very far away. 

I am thrilled to have the bus and look forward to renovating it into the little book bus, so I can get out on the road and deliver books. I will need to remove stickers, take out the seats, rip out the old flooring,scrub the inside of the bus, install new floors, build and install book bins, power wash, and paint the bus to make things possible. Whew, I have some work ahead of me, but I can't wait to get it out on the road. 

Let the fun begin!