My Inspiration

Europe 2015 980Hello, my name is Lisa and I am the founder of the little book bus, inc. Here is a snippet of experiences that inspired me to start a mobile literacy nonprofit.

When my son was born we were struggling financially and had just enough to get by. Our neighbors gave us a large box of books that their children had outgrown. We were thrilled. Until that day I hadn’t even thought about books, but once they were there I realized what a precious gift they were. From that day forward my son and I would spend hours reading and enjoying the books together. This gift of books introduced my son to the wonders of books and helped him to become an avid reader. 

Years later when I was student teaching I gave each of my students a Magic Treehouse book with the accompanying fact book. The children were thrilled to receive the books. One of my students gave me a big hug and with a huge grin she said “Thank you for the books. I am so excited, now I have 3 books.” I could see in her face how proud she was to have 2 new books to add to the one she already owned. She was on her way to building her own home library.

As a teacher working with low income families I discovered many of my students didn’t have a book to call their own. This was something I wanted to help change. For holidays and birthdays I had a stack of new books that I would allow students to pick from. On birthdays the class would come to the carpet and the birthday child would choose a book. We would then read it together as a class. It was a great way to celebrate their birthday and was a fun reading experience for everyone. This was a wonderful way to provide students a positive experience with books and share it with their friends. It was a tradition the children looked forward to and they were excited to receive a book they could call their own.

I have used my savings to purchase a retired school bus and have begun to transform it into the little book bus. I have 1,000+ children's books (that I have purchased over the years for my classroom) to donate so we will be able to begin delivering books to children throughout Tampa Bay once the bus is complete. With community support and donations we can continue to provide books and help cultivate a love of reading. I am ecstatic to see things are coming together and I look forward to sharing books with children throughout the community. Thank you for visiting and I hope you become a part of this amazing adventure with us.

Lisa Bejos

He that loves reading has everything within his reach.
-William Godwin