It has been great getting out into the community and sharing all these wonderful books with the children. When the bus pulls up there is always a lot of intrigue as to what is the little book bus. I explain to the children that the little book bus is filled with books that have been donated by other children who have outgrown them and who want to share with others. I let them know that they will get an opportunity to come on the bus and pick a book to keep. That is when the kids get really excited. I go over a few simple rules and then the fun begins. The kids love getting on the bus and seeing all the books to choose from. They begin flipping through the books to find that special one. For some this decision is easy to make and for others it really can be a struggle deciding which one. I remind the children that the little book bus will be back and they will get to pick another book next time. Most of the stops have been at Tampa Recreation Centers where I have coordinated with the centers to come back each month. This allows children the opportunity to build their home libraries. Once everyone has picked a book, it is awesome when I step off the bus to see the kids sitting around reading their book.
                                                   That's when you know they have found a good book.