All of the stickers have been removed. Yay, first thing I can check off the list. Luckily there were not too many. Just the name of the last owners, the dot number, and some emergency exit ones, so not to bad.

We have begun removing the seseatats. We have learned this is a very slow process. Each seat has 15 bolts and there are 14 seats, hmm only 210 bolts to be removed.

We have spent a few hours a day at this, as it is so hot right now here in Tampa, that is about all we have in us. It requires two people to take out a seat as one of us has to go under the bus and hold the nut and the seat 2other one of us uses the wrench to remove the bolt. It is a sloooow process as the bolts are long, so each bolt takes forever.

 We discovered that there are a few seats that we don't have access to the nuts underneath and when we try to remove the bolts they just spin. UGH!! After researching this dilemma I learned that we will need to purchase an angle grinder to get those bolts out. The remaining 4 seats will need the grinder. Tomorrow we will head to the store to pick one up. We will see how that goes. Then all the seats will be out!!

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